Sparkling Stories 

Stories that give shape to our experience

  • Giorgio di Tullio, Wyde Consultant -Carolina Pistochini, Training and Communication Manager
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Exchanging experiences

With narratives the human being builds his own reality, his own world: the stories give shape to our experience.
The German philosopher Walter Benjamin said that story-telling is "exchanging experiences". Not just facts, but experiences, that are, with progress and knowledge, inserted in a perspective of meaning,meanings that create links and ties. Links with the public, links with communities, ties of life that are transformed into elements of sharing and exemplarity.

The history of organizations, companies, communities of purpose, is in the living stories of people; it is not a pre-drawn text, an artificial narration but an evolution of thoughts, events, of life that allows communities and individuals to cultivate their own knowledge capital.
Doing business, researching, producing, selling, means connecting with shared knowledge: the authentic social base from which networks are formed. Are the relationships among the members of the community,are the results achieved every day, the prospects for improvement that constitute the glue, the purpose of working and collaborating.

The narratives give to the people the ability to relate locality with globality, continuously renovating the ability to look forward with inventions, processes and technologies.Working together means imagining together, understanding and anticipating the seeds of the world to come. Each story is a fragment of shared intelligence that introduces new tools to work the world, to give even more value to the beauty of things well done.