Doing more, sustainably 

Message from Shareholders and Executives.

Sustainability is an opportunity to develop innovative visions

Sustainability is an opportunity to develop innovative visions

A strong sense of responsibility guided our actions within a context of a global health emergency.
The year 2020 has imposed on us a great deal of diligence protecting our people in the workplace and rethinking our methods of work. We de­sign new work-related dynamics trough a learning-by-doing process.

After the emergencies the world will be different, with the need of managing a new sustainable social and labor model.

Our relationships, historically based on trust, have become the keystone for a rapid change: trust in collaborators and in teams, in their ability to work in new conditions, far from daily physical interactions. For almost a year, our people with an unimaginable flexibility and an open-mindedness never verified before, have been looking for alternative solutions, discovered ways to build and nurture experiences and research, even in a remote environment.

The year 2020 has raised awareness preparing socially fertile soils. It demonstrated the importance to keep that belief unchanged: we can do things in a different way, it depends only on us.


Crossing the pandemic with Responsibility and Trust

Crossing the pandemic with Responsibility and Trust

The pandemic has accelerated the urgency of reconciling planet and life with safety and health
Responsibility is an intense attention to the health of all the forms of life on the planet: it consists of commitments on all aspects of industrial processes and on the research and the purpose of complex solutions. 

The activity that we strengthened this year has been strongly supported by the interaction of multiple scientific frameworks.

There was an important increase towards our product lines with a collective effort to set up new products with lower emissions and natural products that we already processed in high percentages.

We assumed the responsibility to design and pro­duce solutions able to achieve improvements such as reductions on water consumption, coherent with our vision oriented towards a Renewable and Good Chemistry.


We want to capture all the sustainable beauty of the future

We want to capture all the sustainable beauty of the future

In 2020, we have reinforced our cooperation with suppliers and involved internal teams to measure, following international protocols, the Carbon Foot-print and the Life-Cycle Assessment of our products and processes.

With our Research and Development laboratories, we have launched projects considering, in addition to profitability, volumes, and margins, the sustainability factors and their product cycle. Digitization of the processes and data mining started to offer opportunities for a sustainable development of production cycles: we have decided to believe in a world that is not present. Not Yet.

Chemistry in this process of social and environmental transition will play a fundamental role.

2020 has been the year of responsibility and trust, and has allowed us to start a sustainable reorganization project of work based on science, creativity and skills, for humans and planet.

We want to make sure that all the sustainable beauty of the future will be captured.

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