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Designing new values in chemistry

Our science is made of experience, technology, continuity, precision, for better tailoring and delivery, minimizing our impact on nature and lives.

Providing systemic solutions for a better life

We manufacture a wide variety of products that offer effective innovative solutions.

Our growth is ensured by long term commitment to industry

We plan , run and design technologies, processes and products for the people, the planet, the life.

Chemistry is the heartbeat of nature

We are committed to be agents of change towards beauty and sustainability.

Explore, Design, Provide. Evolve

We design and produce customized chemical solutions for different fields of application used in the worldwide industries: not simply products or formulations, but sets of skills, capabilities, visions, developed with dedication and attention to our customers.

Sustainability Report 2019

We design a new alliance between environment and human behavior,
nourishing respectful science and good chemistry.

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