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Classification of mixtures under CLP after 1st June 2015
As you may know in European Union the Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 on the Classification, Labelling and Packaging of substances and mixtures - hereafter "CLP" - allows to continue to classify and label mixtures under the previous legislation (Dir. 1999/45/EC, the so-called "DPD") during a transition period ending 1st June 2015 (CLP Art. 61.1).
After that date the R-phrases will be completely replaced by the H-codes and the S-phrases by a set of P-codes. However as the basis for classification and labelling in CLP is different there is no strict "one-to-one" match between R/S phrases and H/P codes.
The updated Safety Data Sheets with new classification will be available with usual Lamberti systems (web platform and/or delivered by Customer Service).

Should you need any further clarification please feel free to contact our Product Safety department ( )
Lamberti believes that the competitiveness of both today and tomorrow's markets demands the bringing together of good business management, innovation and safety & environmental protection.
Therefore Lamberti is committed to the continual growth of these activities and considers them a tool of progress for the company and the community. The conviction and dedication of the employees are fundamental to achieving these targets:
  • The integration of health, safety and environmental policy in management decisions
  • The guarantee that Research & Development and Industrial activities achieve the targets of continuous improvement:
    - by creating safer and innovative products, with low environmental impact for our workers, customers and the community
    - by increasing knowledge of current chemical processes and introducing safer and innovative ways of chemical production
  • The construction and management of plants in such a way as to optimise the use of natural resources, energy and to reduce wastes
  • The promotion of the Company Policy in order to motivate all employees to minimize accidents, injuries and work-related illness
  • The development of ways to measure improvements and periodical checks to evaluate performances and conformity to policy
  • The guaranty of information and Technical-Practical training of employees in order to operate according to procedures and laws
  • The ensuring of the exchange of free information with Government Authorities and Trade Unions.
Integrated Environmental Authorizations
The main Italian production plants of the Lamberti Group have obtained during 2007, the Integrated Environmental Authorization (AIA in Italian) based on what was prescribed by D.lgs 59/05, now part of the D.lgs 152/06: the second part of this law is related to the integrated prevention and reduction of pollution and is known as IPPC (Integrated Pollution, Prevention and Control).
This authorization is based on environment performances related to “Best Available Techniques” (MTD in Italian) and guarantees an integrated approach with the objective of a high level of protection of the environment in its complex.