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Our quality approach
Since 1992 Lamberti has been working within clearly defined Quality management principles, according to the ISO 9001 standard. The Management Team of Lamberti believes in Quality as:
  • a success factor for development
  • a way to create attainable and long-lasting competitive advantage
  • the best means to meet the needs of customers, shareholders, collaborators and stakeholders
  • a way to meet statutory and regulatory requirements through numerous improving initiatives in all companies within the Group.
Our quality activities
In order to guarantee the maximum customer satisfaction over time, a number of priority intervention areas has been defined regarding:
  • processes
  • organisational models
  • search for continual improvement

Specific programmes have been developed for each of these areas:

  • Maximising effectiveness and efficiency with particular attention to
    - improved productivity
    - continued innovation
    - flexibility and precision in services

  • Continued commitment to research, development and implementation of methodologies designed to pursue excellence in all company processes

  • Result-orientation, with emphasis on initiative, competitive system, collaboration, empowerment, team-work.