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Sustainable Development is an integrated concept, which highlights the need to combine the three basic and inseparable dimensions of the Company, Economy and Environment. The principle of sustainable development is an integral part of the Vision and of the Values of Lamberti Group, that has been pursuing this path for several years.
People are the core of our business. The chemical sector in Europe employs approximately 1.2 million workers, many more considering all the connected activities. To motivate this workforce and to attract a new generation of scientists, engineers, managers and all other operators in general it is required to have a context of solid work, able to meet the expectations of the people. Lamberti is active in this direction and attributes the highest importance to the welfare of workers and the protection of their health. The relationships with external communities are carefully managed, in order to minimize the environmental impact of the production sites and to guarantee a proper management of products, providing a steady and correct communication with all the stakeholders.

These aspects were examined in the articles that have appeared in Esagono magazine: Recent important results are the increase of the hours of training and the reduction of accidents for the Group in the period 2010-2012: although has achieved an injury rate lower than the average of the companies adhering to Responsible Care in Italy, Lamberti every year has as its objective an injury rate of zero, considered it as the only goal ethically sustainable.
Chemistry provides intermediate goods in all sectors of production and move its innovative content in consumer goods, helping to improve the quality of life. For example, chemicals are the basis of detergents, cosmetics, fuels, paints and pharmaceuticals, and are also used by other sectors, such as agriculture, construction industries, the automotive industries and electronics, which allow to obtain ever better and advanced materials. Chemistry can really make an enormous contribution to sustainability, promoting the future development of sectors such as solar energy, electric cars, biofuels and so on. Among European countries, Italy is second only to Germany pertaining the number of chemical companies investing in research (over 800) and Lamberti is leading the way. For many years, Lamberti has been developing a complete range of eco-friendly products: