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Sustainability Report

We are honored to announce the publication of our first Sustainability Report. We voluntarily decided to draw up this paper, considering it as an opportunity to evaluate our business according to the strictest international standards and to make a strong, solid, and long-term commitments to the future.

Our heritage tells the story of a company that has chosen the path of responsible chemistry development based on respect and protection of people and the environment. For over 100 years of industrial activity, we have been progressively focusing on the innovative development of products that would help our customers and suppliers to extend their commitment to sustainability.

Everything that we’ve accomplished was thanks to everyone’s contribution, the partnership that we have built and strengthened, and the driving force stimulated by our stakeholders and the market over time.

Through important dates, stories, and numbers this paper explicitly demonstrates what we have accomplished so far. Moreover, it describes our intention to evolve in the coming years respecting and promoting the concept of social, economic, environmental, and product sustainability. It is our compass that will show the pathway full of challenges and complexities towards the growth, that is not only respectful, but aimed at leaving a valuable legacy to the world we live in, claiming the duty of its preservation.

Every year, we will publish an updated report, in order to verify the fulfillment of the commitments we had made, to measure the dynamics of certain indexes, and to further enrich our capabilities as protagonists of sustainable development.

We are at the beginning of a new trail, and together we are called to make our contribution. We firmly believe that together we can be protagonists in leaving an important footprint on the future.