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23 June 2020
Excellence in water-borne rheology

Excellence in water-borne #rheology (overview):

from natural to synthetic #thickeners, with our ESACOL®, CARBOCEL® and VISCOLAM®, we bring a 360° control to production, stability and application for each coating system.

We are producers of added value for your paint & construction formulations and we offer you our talents in this domain.

We will guide you through several new developments by improving:

-#sustainability, to think not only today but also tomorrow
-open-time, to remove brush-marks
-#biostability, to limit hurting biocides use
-colour acceptance, to choose whatever colour
-anti-settling & anti-sagging, to improve storage stability and applicability
-anti-spattering, to forget spots on the floor or on your face
-cost/performance balance to pay for just what you need 


Fur further information see link below: