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21 July 2020
Excellence in water-borne #rheology

Don’t be shy anymore to choose your paint colours because of the limits of your historical thickeners!

Enhance your paint system with VISCOLAM® PS 170 AIR for efficient thickening with infinite colour choice!

We developed this advanced modern water-borne associative KU builder thickener with outstanding colourants acceptance. You will control paint viscosity while keeping spectacular colour possibilities and long-term high performances:

  • chemical resistance
  • no water sensitivity of final paint
  • pH independence
  • no solvent, no volatile organic compound (VOC), no hurting ingredient = label-free and Ecolabels friendly ingredient
  • fluid liquid with high solid content = lower dosage and less water transportation + cost-efficiency
  • high performances with colourants = stronger colours, no viscosity drop when adding a lot of colourants and no issue when mixing colours for infinite colour choice

VISCOLAM® PS 170 AIR is now available around the world, so let’s talk about the excellent cost/performances ratio it will bring to your coating systems.


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