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Can the choice of the additive used as deflocculant/dispersant during grinding affect the production costs?
Yes, the right choice of the additive must take into consideration not only to reach the right rheological parameters suitable to face the following production steps, but also the affordability, which can be achieved optimizing the grinding time, and reducing the quantity of water that has to be evaporated during spray-drying. LAMBERTI can offer a wide range of polyacrylates (Reotan series) and blends of organic and inorganic deflocculants (Reoflux series, eventually taylor-made matching customer’s technical needs) that allow you to find the right solution to optimize the production cycle also in terms of energy consumption.
What do we mean for “ecological” printing medium?
Creating safer and innovative products, with low environmental impact for our workers, customers and the community is one of Lamberti goal that lead us to develop a special range of products called “GREEN LINE”. This line includes not only printing medium, but also thickener and suspending agents that can be used for all the traditional printing system ; their peculiarities is to have a very low content of oil derivatives.
In case of problems with water-repellent glaze applied with disk or airless after digital machine, especially where there is a full amounts of digital ink on the tiles, and it is not possible to solve the problems using "conventional surfactants", are there other additives that can help to solve them?
Yes. LAMBERTI has designed a range of new surfactants called TENSIOJET to eliminate the problem of water-repellency with a good performance of the glaze. TENSIOJET is an additive to be added directly to the glaze at 0,1% - 0,3% after digital decors. TENSIOJET thanks to the synergic behaviour of the wetting surfactants contained it’s able to reduce surface tension at the interphase between glaze and ink, allowing good levelling and a smooth area coverage. Hydrorepellence defects are in this way removed permitting even high thickenss glazes’ application. Thanks to its surface active agents TENSIOJET shows a complete compatibility with the digital ink, in the way to avoid tone changes during firing.
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