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Lamberti offers the market more than 30 years experience with a wide and complete range of additives, meeting the needs of every step of the ceramic tile production process, including a range of third firing products.
New Coadjuvants for digital printing (INKJET)
Fluidising agents for bodies
New Binders/plasticizers for body
Fluidising agents for engobes-glazes
Binders-rheological modifiers (liquid)
Binders-rheological modifiers (powder)
New READYONE® (Multifunctional additives for glazes and engobes)
New Digital glazing
Binders for the granulation of glazes
Binders for spray gun applications
New Glue for dry glaze and micro grits application
Mediums for traditional screen printing
Mediums for traditional screen-printing operating without fixative
Mediums for engraved roll printing machine
Concentrate mediums for printing
Automatic Colour Dispenser mediums
New Printing mediums for third firing applications
Leveling/de-foaming agents
Anti settling agents
Temporary colours
Water repellent and accessories
Protective, anti scratch wax