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Waterborne Inks Ingredients & Overprints
Prints are everywhere around us, but behind a nice printing there is a lot of technology and know-how. The Esacote® range of LAMBERTI offers solutions for the most demanding applications for flexible packaging, graphic arts and flooring. Our Esacote® are mainly suitable for flexo and rotogravure printing and they are adapted to adhere on the most commonly used substrates both porous, like paper and tissue, and non-porous, like plastic substrates such as BOPP, BOPET and PVC.
New grades are specifically developed for Digital and Inkjet printing, under the brand Esajet®, to serve also this impressively growing technology.
We know how to improve some key properties of the final ink such as:

  • Lamination strenght both in laminated structures with adhesive and when a thermal lamination is used (typically for PVC flooring)
  • Heat resistance since some articles could undergo successive thermal processes such as pasteurization or sterilization, or come in contact with hot sealing bars.
  • Antiscratch for high performance overprints
  • Optics through silica free matting resins and micro beads PU both in solid form or already dispersed in water

Through our Fluijet® range of polymeric dispersing agent Lamberti can also support you in the preparation of your pigmented pastes for waterborne inks

Lamberti is willing to work in close cooperation with the customers to develop blocking free formulations and find specific solutions.