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In the Ceramics Industry Lamberti has been active for more than 30 years, supplying speciality chemicals for the production of ceramic tiles, sanitary-ware, table-ware, technical ceramics, refractories and glass-ware.
The range of products includes deflocculants, binders, printing mediums, fixing agents and other chemical specialities.

To ensure success in our Italian market, very high levels of service and technical support are required, which are also expected by the export customers that we serve directly from Italy.
It was with this in mind that in 2005 the decision was taken to create a "Ceramic Centre of Excellence", in the heart of the Italian ceramic producing region of Sassuolo and Fiorano.
This "Ceramic Centre of Excellence " is based in the Lamberti plant of Fiorano Modenese (formerly "Lamberti Ceramic Additives"), where the wide knowledge and the long experience in the ceramic field of Saschim and Chimica Corona have joined together .
The merging of Lamberti Ceramic Additives srl in Lamberti SpA, established in January 2009, allows a much closer and effective integration of all the activities of Lamberti in the ceramic business.
Now the Ceramic Centre of Excellence in Fiorano and the Lamberti Technology Centre in Albizzate can have even a closer link, which should provide a faster and greater innovation, a stronger technical support, and a much improved world-wide technical co-ordination with all the sister companies . Internationally Lamberti is active in all the main ceramic production areas, with companies in Spain, France, Turkey, Brazil, China, Mexico, USA, South Africa, Indonesia, Russia and Poland.
13 July 2020
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