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Thanks to an active presence in many industrial sectors, Lamberti is able to offer its customers finely-tuned technology applications that best serve the demands of the markets.
The market outlets for our specialty chemicals are diversified: Agrochemicals, Ceramics, Coatings, Constructions, Cosmetics, Detergents, Inks, Leather, Oil, Paints & Varnishes, Paper, Textile.
That's why Lamberti specialties are with you all day, adding a special value and quality to the products you use: the creamy yogurt you taste, the shampoo and conditioner for your hair care, the smooth leather of your shoes, the soft clothes you are wearing and the glossy pages of your favourite book and again the flooring and the furniture of your home and the interiors of your car...
Lamberti improves the quality of your life!
The Lamberti technological and manufacturing portfolio includes:
  • Polysaccharides derivatives (cellulosics and other hydrocolloids)
  • Water-based synthetic polymers (polyacrylics and water-based polyurethanes)
  • Oleochemicals (surfactants, fatty derivatives and functional formulations)
Each technology area is managed by a Research and Development Organization specialized in the development of products and applications. The R&D laboratories operate in close collaboration with the customers of each business units.