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We know that people are the capital of the company, they are our know-how, thus they are vital to the success of the company and they represent the real element of competitive advantage for our whole Group.

The individual is the central element of the Lamberti Group: we are sure that our strength coincides with the human and professional values of the individuals who grow and who make the company grow with their constant commitment and responsibility.

Lamberti is inspired by values such as communication, the spirit of initiative, innovation, focusing on results and proactive behaviour constantly focused on business success.
For these reasons the Human Resources "mission" coincides with the continued improvement of the management systems, in order to contribute to the professional development of the personnel and to promote the cultural and organisational renewal of the Group.

The skills and abilities of our resources represent the biggest, most unique, inimitable company capital on which to make constant investment. People, when they become part of the Lamberti Group, represent one of the fundamental elements of corporate management. For this reason, Human Resources call on each individual to give his or her own contribution, to use their creativity and ability to work in a team for mutual success and development.