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Recruitment of qualified school leavers or recent university graduates is done through direct application screening and through the placement offices of the most prestigious technical institutes and Italian universities (including those which specialise in master's degrees) which the Lamberti Group has had frequent and profitable collaborative relationships with.
Job adverts in the main national newspapers and on on-line recruitment websites and contacts with specialist personnel research and selection companies are the main recruiting channels used by the Lamberti Group.
The selection process is very thorough and conducted with particular care and attention because we don't select just for the job but for the organisation: consistency, therefore, not only between the person and the position but above all between person and organisation.
Following these principles, in the selection phase, we analyse in particular the consistency of knowledge, ability and skills.
The selection process is organized in the following steps:
  • pinpointing the skills relevant to the role profile
  • screening and evaluation of CVs
  • interviews with Human Resources and line managers

The selection activity of the Lamberti Group is aimed at testing the skills acquired by candidates during their education and work experience as well as bringing out and identifying the motivational and aptitude characteristics and the typical skills and professional inclinations of every individual, so that we can place the person in the most suitable position in the company