Lamberti 1K Technology 

A new era for leather finishing is opening

When less is more

When less is more

An innovative finishing system that does away with the need for chemical crosslinkers.

Traditional water-based leather finishing involves the use of chemical crosslinkers that react with the functional groups of the polymers used in leather finishing to form of a three-dimensional polymeric network which improves the chemical-physical properties of the finishing layer.
Common cross-linkers like polyaziridines, polyisocyanates and polycarboodimides are hazardous components that in water-based systems does react during applications, creating concern for the environment and for the health and safety of workers.

The innovative water-based leather finishing system LAMBERTI 1K Technology  does not require the use of chemical crosslinkers to obtain articles with high chemical-physical performance  and without the common problems of rheology variation that the use of crosslinkers entails. 

The use, in this system, of original synthetic polymers, suitably combined in the different finishing layers, provides articles with high chemical-physical performances without the disadvantage of the toxicity of chemical crosslinkers. Furthermore with respect to the standard application procedure, Lamberti 1K presents also the advantage of not producing waste.