Technical Nubuk 

The Nubuk effect through the finishing process

Technical Nubuk.

Leather articles consistently demand   innovations and advancements  to ensure desired effects coupled with the highest chemical-physical performance.
A new concept has recently been developed for this purpose: NUBUK TECHNOLOGY

It is a range of products developed to obtain the “nubuck” effect or better, the so-called “technical nubuck”. It can be used in the footwear and leather goods sector, creating beautiful fashion effects as well as in the furniture sector. The article created with NUBUK is as pleasant as the natural one but is characterized by superior chemical - physical performances.

This technology also allows to minimize the defects of the leathers, reducing the waste during the cutting phase. To create this item we propose a finishing "package" thanks to which we can guarantee the optimal result of the effect.

Technical Nubuk