The history of our company is continually written by people's living stories.


Foundation of Lamberti Group

Our history dates back to 1911 when Lamberti Group was founded producing auxiliary chemicals for dyeing and finishing to serve the local textile industry


Business expansion and diversification

Following WWII, Lamberti started to expand its business activities in new markets such as ceramics and leather


Consolidation of the Italian market and further business expansion

Between the '60s and '70s, Lamberti strengthen its presence and relevance in the ceramics, leather and textile market in Italy

The same years  were characterized by investments in a new technology: carboxymethylcellulose  


Beginning of the international growth

In 1981 Lamberti Group founded Lambra (Nova Odessa, Brazil), the first Group's foreign subsidiary

Lamberti continued its international growth throughout the 90's with new commercial subsidiaries in Europe, USA and Asia 

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