Hydrocolloids as Rheology Modifiers

Dry -Mix for constructions Surface Treatment

Esacol® products range encloses a family of natural polysaccharide ethers mainly based on guar gum and specifically designed for construction and paint applications.

Esacol® products are high molecular weight, cold water soluble thickeners comprising hydroxyalkyl derivatives with different degrees of chemical modification that make them suitable for several water based formulations.

The typical shear thinning (pseudoplastic) rheological profile allow Esacol® products to thicken end products, providing a good stability at rest and an easy workability and spreadability in applying conditions.

In addition, thanks to the specific fine tuning of the extent of chemical substitution  on the polysaccharidic substrate and carefully controlled process conditions, these natural rheological modifiers achieve other peculiar properties such as good water retention especially for building formulations and excellent stability in waterborne paints.