Sustainable & Circular Policy 

We design a new alliance between environment and human behavior,
nourishing respectful science and good chemistry.

Agents of Change

We are committed for being agents of change, reducing consumption of non-renewable raw materials by investing in low impact, up-cycled or recyclable materials. Thus designing a new generation of products that suit our changing world and its future: that means beauty and sustainability.

Speaking about or to be?

Speaking about or to be?

Today it is essential to speak about sustainability, being sustainable is a duty. But there is a fundamental difference between “speaking about” and “being” sustainable.
Lamberti’s committment to the environment, people and the territories where the company is present was born many years before the “green wave” started coloring brands around the world.
So, how can we credibly tell the world that we are sustainable,while everyone is talking about sustainability right now? How can we make our partners understand that Lamberti tooks responsibility for the environment since 20 years ago and not 20 days ago?

Will it be enough color everything green?

We are.

We are.

It' s a mindset not a flag to wave.

We decided to go beyond the settled boundaries of sustainability, embracing a broader view, a transversal company culture, which includes gender equality and creating social and individual opportunities.

We are. Sustainability

Attributing qualities to oneself,  has the great risk of appearing arrogant and a green washing operation. But replacing the adjectives with the relative nouns it becomes a statement, a strong commitment: it means taking responsibility, feeling part of something greater, embracing a mission.

We are. is the hallmark, the label we apply to Lamberti communication when we want to talk about important issue. Adding the final period allows us to be more assertive, to underline the awareness.
It is a starting point, not a conclusion. We are. let’s see what happens now.

We can say that We are. is a container, a constantly evolving phrase, which allows us to affirm and describe Lamberti’s commitment to sustainability, gender equality, and the affirmation of individuals in many ways.