Multitalent material.

Natural occuring substance

Natural occuring substance

Hydroxyapatite (HAp) is a particular kind of calcium phosphate, which belongs to the apatite group of minerals. It is a naturally occuring substance. In biological systems it represents the main inorganic component of bones and teeth.

Synthetic HAp, in particular biomimetic HAp, is biocompatible, bioactive and resorbable. It is non toxic and non inflammatory. These properties attract the attention of many companies, that develop hydroxyapatite-based solutions for the orthopedic and plastic surgery markets. 

Besides these applications, synthetic HAp could be applied in wide range of other applications, since its chemical and physical properties are transversal, we at Lamberti could tailor the solution according to any specific request. 

Combined with its intrinsic biodegradability and low environmental impact, our HAp gives access to many other application areas: sunscreen filters, surface modification additives and slow release materials for a variety of businesses, antiflame compounds.

At Lamberti, we continuously explore new perspectives of future HAp applications. We strongly believe that it is a multi-talent material. Therefore, we collaborate with our strategic partners, industry experts and scientists that are passionate about innovation and discovery of its industrial potential as much as we are. 

Chemistry and Applications


There are many calcium phosphates compounds: among them HAp is the form characterized by a stoichiometric Ca/P molar ratio of 1.67 and a crystalline phase having hexagonal symmetry . 
Biological calcium phosphates are non-stoichiometric, Ca- and (OH)- deficient crystals, in which the Ca/P molar ratio is <1.67(ref). They are characterized by poor crystallinity, foreign ions presence and non-apatitic surface layers.
Amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP) is instead characterized by a Ca/P ratio in the range 1.5-1.67

By playing with composition, size and shape, surface and multi-functionality modification, a wide range of hydroxyapatite-based application properties can be achieved.


Kalident is a HAp-based formulation that, providing topical sources of Calcium and Phosphate ions, is able to strongly enhance the natural remineralization process induced by saliva.
Apalight is a physical skin-friendly sunscreen, that consists of micro dispersed solid actives. We succeeded to demonstrate their efficacy through particular testing procedures.

Kalident and Apalight are produced and distributed by our affiliated company Kalichem.