Film Formers - Waterborne synthetic polymers

Surface Treatment

Esacote ® film formers and Binders are a wide family of waterborne synthetic polymers that are effective at protecting and enhancing aesthetic and technical aspects of every substrate.
Esacote ® film formers can be applied on  different surfaces no matter whether hard or soft.

Esacote® PU

Esacote<sup>®</sup> PU

Esacote® PU is the subfamily of film-formers dedicated to polyurethane dispersions.
It constitutes an old but gold piece of our film-formers range, that is constantly moving toward an ever greener chemistry for what concerns solvents and other volatile compounds for first.

The mechanical properties and the high resiliency to mechanical stimuli are probably the most appealing aspects of film-forming PUDs, due to the specific way polyols and polyisocyanates have to combine in synthesis.

Esacote® BIO

Esacote<sup>®</sup> BIO

Esacote® BIO  are film-formers that exhibit a biobased content starting from 20% in weight, calculated according to EN 16785-2.
It is a new and growing family of products effective at substituting, partially or completely, 100% fossil based synthetic polymers at same or higher performance level, while significantly improving the sustainability features of complex chemical formulations.

Esacote® AC

Esacote<sup>®</sup> AC

Esacote® AC defines the film-formers based on acrylic emulsions.
Naturally born in water, in complete absence of organic solvents, acrylic emulsions allow to obtain high performing film properties and are particularly suitable when high chemical resistance is required.
UV resistance and no yellowing or deterioration in time are also characterizing these polymers, due to the chemical structure of (meth)acrylic monomers they are built from. 

Esacote® UA

Esacote<sup>®</sup> UA

Esacote® UA is the subfamily of film-formers  based on  hybrid urethane acrylic (UA or PUA) dispersions or emulsions.
Mixing and getting the best out of these two main families among waterborne synthetic polymers is our way to obtain the optimal synergy in performance.
Interpenetrated networks of PUA are obtained through different process pathways, for no compromise in film-forming properties. 

Esacote® LX

Esacote<sup>®</sup> LX

Esacote® LX is a  growing family of film-formers  that is dedicated to radiation-curable PU dispersions.

They are suitable both for traditional UV radiation and newer and more innovative E-beam radiation.
The meaning for having a reactive film-former is to strongly reduce the need for hazardous external crosslinkers, in those applications where crosslinking is yet fundamental to reach the target performance.