Food & Regulated Industries 

A long and strong heritage allows us to offer
natural polymers with high degree of purity.

Natural Polymers for alimentary and regulated industry

Natural Polymers for alimentary and regulated industry

Natural polymers are a fundamental part of the history of Lamberti Group: the technological and industrial knowhow pursued and formed through the decades, in recent years has allowed us to offer natural polymers for the alimentary and regulated industry.

The use of trustable raw materials, the implementation of efficient and low environmental impact processes, a severe control throughout the production chain, the strong R&D presence and a technical sale approach are the building blocks of our identity, that have enabled us to support our customers in these application fields.

We produce Cellulose Gum and Guar Gum that comply with the most stringent quality requirements and are trustable ingredients and additives for all those sectors where purity and control are founding values.