Surface Treatment

Natural Coating for Paper Packaging

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We Dare 2.0 Sustainability in Action

Empowering rural communities

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Personal care

Experience the power of tamarind

Esaflor® T - Readily Biodegradable Conditioning Polymer.

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Solutions for the Mortar and Plasters Market

The new Cement Based Dry Mix brochure is on line

Dry Mix for Construction

The Intelligence of Matter

Inspired by Nature

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Polymer Beads

We make it Wow

& Resistant, Durable, Sustainable

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Explore, Design, Provide. Evolve

We design and produce customized chemical solutions for different fields of application used in the worldwide industries: not simply products or formulations, but sets of skills, capabilities, visions, developed with dedication and attention to our customers.

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Our science is made of experience, technology, continuity, precision, for tailoring and delivery.

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Explore our scientific world


Our company organization has been designed as a systemic pattern that links knowledge, experience and research with continuity in manufacturing and new values in the markets.

Sustainability Report 2022

We are. Global Engagement.

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Our Companies

We operate in different worlds of production and use, which enter into a relationship with people’s lives, developing technological solutions that give value to this relationship. We want to do better, creating a positive legacy for the future of the planet and living species.

Our Companies