Learning by doing, we work in self-exploration.
We create playgrounds to boost the internal transformation of our company.

A place where thansformation happens

Since the very first day, innovation has been a lighthouse for our development.

Innovation is woven into our company and is not only related to the new product design, industrial processes or state-of-art technologies. We perceive transformation and innovation at its higher level as understanding and interpretation of technological and cultural implications. We recognise that being comprehensive and not superficial, along with organisational and structural changes, innovation requires cognitive cultural restructuring within the company. Lamberti Playground is the place where the internal transformation of the company happens, where we stimulate the desire to learn for everyone within the company, working in exploration, on solid innovation projects, and learning by doing. 

Playground is about a favorable vivid atmosphere, where everything is based on the social nature of learning that contributes to the development of a common language. The breakthrough of the playground approach is the ability to cultivate the sensitivity and skills of participants and to open new strategic perspectives for innovation: 

  • Playgrounds are the places of learning and experimentation.
  • Multifunctional and multidisciplinary teams face mostly strategic challenges by implementing new, out of the box, ways of working.
  • Teams are trained to use new tools for business analysis, design and project management.
  • By the end of the journey, everyone is asked to apply obtained skills in practice

Our people, whether they are newcomers, middle or top managers, play a fundamental role in the innovation process, as they spread innovation-oriented organizational culture.

Playground is an initiative that involves people in a community, and encourages them to be an active part of it. It is a unique way of evolving a group of leaders as protagonists of the innovation culture development. 

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