New Kalichem Website  

We take care of our delicate flower, we take care of our public channel.

We welcome Kalichem's new voice that joins ours.

We are always evolving, exploring new path, desiging new visions, to provide a place of care, attention and dialogue for our community.

Kalichem is a tech company with innovative manufacturing process centered around the collective and cumulative learning process. 

The know-how is based on some of the most original technologies on the cosmetics market and includes expertise both in the Biotechnologies and Cosmetobionics field:

  • Vegetable lipoproteins & lipoaminoacids
  • Molecular biology & biotechnology
  • Functionalized Hydroxyapatite & biomimetic expertise

The production activity is performed with natural “ingredients” and “processes”, oriented towards sustainable chemistry.

It's a really challenging trek: visit the new website of our affiliate Kalichem