Energy Transition Path

Lamberti, taking into serious consideration the outcome of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, is committed to support the energy transition path by providing sustainable solutions through responsible industrial development generated from our deep experience in R&D&I. 

The Energy Solutions Division is guided by a complex vision where chemistry, biology, geology and engineering concur together in a respectful and sustainable manner.

Wind, Solar, Hydro, Hydrogen, Biofuels will be the energies and the carriers for the future that will coexist with hydrocarbons and our specialized chemistry can support all these technologies.

We can support Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) projects supplying specialty chemicals (e.g. formulated solvents) to capture CO2 and products to manage CO2 transportation and storage. 

Energy Transition Path

Through our Oleochemicals technology, we can be your partner to develop the next generation of non-abrasive, hydrocarbon free, truly sustainable and bio-based agents that can be used for the regular cleaning of the blades and wind turbines. Lamberti’s experience in specialty chemicals for asset integrity and our decades-long competence in tribology and lubrication can be used to formulate products to improve efficiency and life of the wind blades.

We developed the “LAMSURF BIO”, a new line of sustainable bio-based surfactants that can be used to clean hard surfaces such as solar panels to maintain their optimal performances.  
Within our Natural Polymers technology, we developed a special grade CarboxyMethyl Cellulose (CMC) to be used as binder in the Lithium batteries anodes

Lamberti’s extensive range of surfactants, chelants and polymers can be made available to develop specific solutions for recovery of Critical Raw Materials (CRM) required by the energy transition in the EV batteries, super-magnets and for the growing need for “urban mining”.

We offer additives for Biofuels to improve their pour points and cold flow properties. 
Our Antiscale and INICOR corrosion inhibitors find application in the water treatment and in plants for water desalination.   

The latest advancements in well drilling focus on exploring "white" natural hydrogen and Lithium brines. Lamberti is producing a comprehensive range of drilling fluid additives to facilitate these operations.

Please contact us if you see us as your competent partner to work together to contribute in reaching, step by step, the Net Zero 2050 targets. 

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