HDD, Water Well and Mineral Drilling 

We established the HDD, Waterwell & Mineral Drilling team within our company in the late ‘90s building on our strong experience in Oil & Gas drilling application.

Natural and synthetic, liquid and powder polymeric systems have been developed and are continuously updated to meet environmental and technology requirements for the various ground conditions.

The right drilling fluid can cut down drilling costs and execution time. Our experience in  technical assistance and usage will help to identify the right solutions through our polymers product range.

Product range

Viscosifiers and Fluid Loss Reducers

We manufacture CARBOCEL, CEPAC and LAMPAC complying with international standards (i.e. API/ISO) and tailored specs.
HYSOPOL are engineered polymeric fluid loss reducers designed to work in specific temperature conditions.
Our BIOLAM and LAMGUM range of biopolymer derivatives acts as primary viscosifiers in fresh and saline drilling fluids and shows exceptional shear thinning properties and good suspension characteristics. Most of the products can be supplied in a slurry form.


Our lubricants are available for application as torque reducers, ROP enhancers, metal/metal and metal/rock friction reducers and extreme pressure lubricants. Our environmentally friendly, high performance FRONLUBE cover a wide range of temperature and dispersibility/solubility requirements.


We offer LAMCORE as core barrel lubricant and LAMCOAT LUBE as a rod vibration reducer.

Thinners and Dispersants

LAMSPERSE are synthetic low molecular weight acrylic derivatives suitable for a variety of temperature conditions and many types of drilling fluid systems. Our portfolio includes zirconium based products for HT applications.

Drilling, Detergents and Surfactants

ALBISOL, DRILLEASY and DRILTAL improve the water wetting action on all solids, thereby reducing wall packing, bit balling and the sticking tendency of reactive shale cuttings. They aid in dropping sands and in the removal of drill solids.


DEFOMEX are a full range of liquid products based on silicone, fatty alcohols or alkylene oxides derivatives designed to break down the foam in the drilling fluid.

Shale Inhibitors and Encapsulators

Our shale inhibitors’ portfolio allows effective inhibition and control of hydration and dispersion. Thanks to the low dosage required versus traditional KCl/glycol systems, our HYBSTAR product range offers economical and logistical advantages.


FOAMEX are suitable for air or gas drilling through water-bearing formations and in any situation where the generation of large volumes of stable foam is required. Our range of products is suited for the underbalanced drilling technique and in zones of extreme loss of circulation.

Corrosion Inhibitors

Our INICOR are designed to inhibit corrosion of geothermal wells and of surface equipment. Our inhibitors are based on surface-active organic chemicals, which are readily adsorbed onto metal surfaces. The formation of a protecting film chemically bonded to the equipment surfaces protects from the attack in corrosive environments such as salt water, acid gases, oxygen, etc.


LAMOX products include organic based H2S scavengers and oxygen removers. 


CARBOSAN are suitable for the control of both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria (including sulphate-reducing bacteria) in industrial processes, especially for drilling fluids.

Lost Circulation

LAMSEAL is our superadsorbent granular polymer designed to minimize the loss of drilling mud.



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