Mining & Bentonite 

Depressants for Froth Flotation

We produce depressants for froth flotation for several mineral ore systems. Our DLM range of depressants can be customized for any system requirements in order to achieve a higher percentage of recovery and a higher percentage of purity. The DLM range includes natural and modified polysaccharides (i.e. cellulose and galactomannan) designed to be used during froth flotation of pulps containing silicate gangues (such as Talc, Kaolinite, Lizardite, Muscovite, Chlorite, Pyrophillite, Sericite, etc.) and hydrophobic minerals. DLMs are designed to be completely compatible with most flotation systems currently used worldwide.

Sulfide Minerals

Low and medium viscosity depressants for platinum group metal, lead, copper, zinc sulfides, precious metal (nickel, gold).

Iron Ore

High viscosity depressant for reverse froth flotation.


High viscosity depressant for froth flotation.

Ore Pelletization

Several chemicals are necessary in the iron ore pellet production process.

We have developed the POLYBINDER family, a silica free organic binder range that can be used instead of bentonite, filtering agent for pneumatic filter and antidust.

In our well-equipped laboratories we are ready to study the optimum dosage directly on the customers’ iron ore and to develop a customized formulation. The selected products are available for testing in the customers’ pilot plant or directly in industrial production.


POLYBINDER avoid the usage of bentonite or others non-organic binders, the advantages of the use of POLYBINDER are: 

- improved iron content, degree of oxidation and porosity characteristics of the fired pellets;

- lower dosages (1/10 approx. compared to bentonite), that mean lower transport costs and handling time, lower energy requirement in the pellets production;

- consistent quality of the supplied product;

- drop number, green, dry and fired strength values in line or higher compared to bentonite values;

- smooth pellet surface, with reduced dust formation;

- round shape pellets with optimized size leads to increased production rates. 

Filtering Agents

Pneumatic filter operations are improved with the usage of our chemicals. Increasing the recovery and reducing the moisture are the two key parameters we are focused on.


Our chemicals reduce the dust emission where minerals, powder and pellets are in contact with the environment.

Bentonite Additives

Our safe and cost effective polymeric viscosity boosters increase the bentonite rheological properties (OCMA-API specs; higher suspending properties for HDD and Civil Engineering; filtrate control; binding properties etc) even when the addition of soda ash or other ion exchange additives do not allow to meet the desired rheological properties.

Our CARBOCEL bentonite extenders are based on CMC (carboxymetylcellulose) and BENTOPLUS are based on synthetic polymers.



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