Drilling and Completion  

Our innovative approach in research and development supported by continuous investments in laboratories and manufacturing plants around the world  allows us to manufacture unique state-of-the-art specialty chemicals for Water Based Muds, Invert Emulsion Fluids and Completion Fluids and provide customized additives for several field conditions.

Invert Emulsion Based Fluids

Our EMULAM additives are suitable for all kinds of base oils (diesel oil, mineral oils, synthetic oils) and developed to perform as:


Suitable for producing highly stable invert emulsion fluids, preferential wetting of solids by the continuous oil phase, filtration control and temperature stability. They are extremely effective over a wide range of oil/water ratios and mud weights.

Wetting Agents

Designed to oil-wet weighting materials and drill solids to prevent water-wet solids. They improve thermal stability, rheological stability, filtration control and emulsion stability while enhancing the fluid’s resistance to contamination.

Rheology Modifiers

Used to increase low-shear viscosity, gel strengths and thixotropic characteristics of the mud for improved hole cleaning and cuttings carrying capacity.


Designed to provide a gel structure that avoids the settling of the weighting material.

Fluid Loss Reducers

Specially designed to complement the emulsifiers to provide tight HTHP fluid-loss control at low concentrations. Our products allow us to obtain very low and water free filtrates.

Thinners and Dispersants

Used to reduce viscosity and gel strengths in all kinds of invert emulsion based fluids, without the need for dilution or changing the oil/water ratio when volume increases are undesirable.


Designed to reduce the friction coefficient, thus reducing torque and drag. They allow to drill wells with complex trajectories and extended-reach otherwise hardly manageable.

Water Based Fluids

The multiplicity of technologies available in our company enables us to offer the full range of specialty chemicals for water based fluids:


Available for application as torque reducers, ROP enhancers, metal/metal and metal/rock friction reducers and extreme pressure lubricants. FRONLUBE are our environmentally friendly, high performance lubricants that cover a wide range of temperature and dispersibility/solubility requirements.

Shale Inhibitors and Encapsulators

Our Portfolio of shale inhibitors allows effective inhibition and control of hydration and dispersion. Thanks to the low dosage required versus traditional KCl/glycol systems, our HYBSTAR product range offers economical and logistical advantages.

Thinners and Dispersants

LAMSPERSE are synthetic low molecular weight acrylic derivatives suitable for a variety of temperature conditions and diverse types of drilling fluids systems. Our portfolio includes zirconium based products for HT applications.

Drilling Detergents and Surfactants

ALBISOL and DRILTAL improve water wetting action on all solids, thereby reducing the sticking tendency of reactive shale cuttings, wall packing and bit balling.


DEFOMEX are a full range of liquid products based on silicone, fatty alcohols or alkylene oxides derivatives designed to break down the foam in the drilling fluid.

Viscosifiers and Fluid Loss Reducers

We manufacture CARBOCEL, CEPAC and LAMPAC complying with international standards (i.e. API/ISO).
HYSOPOL are engineered polymeric fluid loss reducers designed to work in specific temperature conditions.

Borehole Stabilizers

BORESTAB products family reduces the risk of caving when unstable formations are encountered during drilling.

Corrosion Inhibitors

INICOR inhibits corrosion of oil and gas wells and of surface equipment, they are based on surface-active organic chemicals and protect from attack in corrosive environments such as salt water, acid gases and presence of oxygen.

Pipe Freeing Agents

Designed for easy and fast preparation of spotting fluids, PRESANTIL dehydrates the wall cake and lubricates the surface between the pipe and the wellbore.


CARBOSAN products are suitable for the control of yeasts, fungi, molds, aerobic and anaerobic bacteria (including sulfate-reducing bacteria).


LAMOX products include organic based H2S scavengers and oxygen removers.


FOAMEX products are suitable for the underbalanced drilling technique and in zones of extreme loss of circulation.

Scale Inhibitors

Specifically designed to control barium, magnesium and calcium scale in completion fluids.



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