Production Chemicals 

We offer an extensive portfolio of products for Oil & Gas Production for phase separation, asset integrity and flow assurance. All the products can be customized according to the requirements of our customers. 

Phase Separation

Emulsion Breakers

EMULBREAK are concentrated demulsifier bases specially designed for breaking emulsion of water in crude oil.
Our product line includes intermediates based on several chemistries, spanning a wide range of RSN and products with good environmental rating, specifically developed for North Sea operations.


DEFOMEX and DF ranges are designed to control foaming in oilfield production phases.


The FOAMEX and FX ranges allow us to address the challenges of producing gas from mature, depleted wells with different temperatures and salts concentrations.

Asset Integrity

Corrosion Inhibitor Formulations

The INICOR and CI product range are designed to inhibit corrosion of oil and gas wells, pipelines and surface equipment. Our inhibitors can be either water or oil soluble/dispersible and are based on surface-active organic chemicals which are readily adsorbed onto metal surfaces. The formation of a protecting film, which adheres to the equipment surfaces, protects from the attack in corrosive environments such as salt water and sour gases.

Corrosion Inhibitor Intermediates

We manufacture a wide range of water and oil soluble concentrated intermediates, based on different chemistries including imidazolines, phosphate esters, quats, fatty acids derivatives, alkoxylated fatty amines, to be formulated into field strength finished products.


Our LAMOX and HS scavengers are offered in a number of chemistries (formaldehyde based and formaldehyde free) to remediate sour production streams containing water, as well as technologies to effectively and quickly scavenge water-deficient, oil systems. Our specialized chemicals include both water soluble and oil soluble products, designed to react selectively with and remove H2S and O2 to help meet product and process specifications. 

Flow Assurance

Antiscales, Scale Dissolvers, Halite Inhibitors

ANTISCALE and AS product range is based on organic phosphonates or engineered synthetic polymers which inhibit scale formation on the surfaces of wells, boilers, water injectors, pipelines, pumps and other equipment. Our formulations are able to inhibit the formation of calcium, magnesium, barium and strontium scales under a wide range of temperature, pressure and water salinity conditions. The portfolio of AQUASCALE halite inhibitors is effective in preventing halite scales and used to avoid dump and dilute operations.

Low Dosage Hydrate Inhibitors - LDHI

The HI range includes both kinetic hydrate inhibitors (KHI) and organic chloride-free anti-agglomerants (AA) to replace or reduce the consumption of traditional thermodynamic hydrate inhibitors such as methanol and ethylene glycol. LDHIs reduce hydrate inhibitor chemical consumption in challenging production conditions such as deepwater pipelines and subsea tiebacks.

Wax Control, PPD and Paraffin Inhibitors

The PI and PD wax inhibitors and pour point depressants are used to minimize formation of crystals that can precipitate out of crude oil and cause flowability challenges in production pipelines. They reduce the pour point and improve pumpability of waxy crude oils by modifying the wax crystals and their growth, preventing their deposition as insoluble deposits.

Asphaltene Dispersants and Removers

We offer AD asphaltene dispersants and LAMPRO asphaltene removers to avoid unwanted deposits in pipelines or onto safety equipment.



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