Well Stimulation & Cementing 

We offer a range of specialty products for Oil & Gas Fracturing, Acidizing and Cementing to cope with different temperature and pressure conditions and types of reservoir rocks.

Water based Fracturing

Gelling Agents

We manufacture a complete range of POLYFLOS gelling agents, such as High Viscosity Fast-Hydrating Guar and Low-Residue Guar Derivatives like HPG and CMHPG. They can be supplied as powders, slurriable powders and slurries.

Clay Stabilizers

HYBCLAY are temporary as well as permanent proprietary clay stabilizers, designed to work with any type of clay compositions, to address swelling and migration issues that are detrimental to formation permeability and fracture conductivity.

Foamers and Silt Suspenders

Based on surfactants, our FOAMEX and SOLACID are used in foam fracturing to allow suspension and flowback of silt.


Instant or delayed borate-based to produce strong gels also available as HYFRAC.

Non - Emulsifiers

The HYFRAC and NE range of non-ionic, cationic and anionic non-emulsifiers is designed to prevent and break emulsions.

Flowback Surfactants

Based on specific combinations of non-ionic or cationic surface tension reducers, selected to improve the flowback of stimulation fluids after the treatment. Designed to water-wet the rock and proppant surfaces to maximize oil production and prevent water blocks and formation damage. HYFRAC and SR product range.

Friction Reducers

HYFRAC FR polymer-based additives will maximize the effectiveness of slickwater and acid fracturing treatments by reducing the horse power requirements and allowing for higher flow rates.

Hydrocarbon Based Fracturing

Hydrocarbon fracturing is recommended in water sensitive formations to avoid pore blockages. We have developed a full package of additives including OG gelling agents, XL activators/crosslinkers and GB gel breakers for different temperatures.


Corrosion Inhibitors

Acid corrosion inhibitor is the most critical component of an acid-based stimulation fluid for carbonate reservoir; our expertise in this application will provide the most appropriate AI product for several technical issues, from low to very high temperature, from 15% HCl to 28% HCl and from organic acids to mud acids. Environmentally friendly compositions are available for regulated areas like the North Sea.

Mutual Solvents

LAMFLO glycol-ether based solvents and enriched solutions contribute to the success of acid treatments.

Anti -Sluding Agents

Our anionic, non-ionic and cationic HYFRAC AS and SL have been designed to address widely spread sludging issues.


Engineered combinations of HYFRAC AE emulsifiers to obtain acid in oil emulsions are used to retard acid depletion in the formation.

Viscofiers, Retarders, Diverters

Additives, required to retard acid spending and for the diverting strategy, are available from our HYFRAC product range.

Iron Control

HYFRAC I iron reducing agents and iron sequestering agents are used to prevent iron(III)-related issues like sludging during acid treatments.



ALBISOL water, solvent and oil-based spacers have been developed to remove residual mud and to prepare formation and metal surfaces for proper cementing operations.

Defoamers and anti-foam

Silicon-based, polyglycol-based and environmentally friendly DEFOMEX prevent or inhibit foam.


Based on synthetic polymers, in liquid or powder form, our dispersants allow to maintain the pumpability with lower water ratios.


Both in liquid and powder form, our retarders are suitable to retard the setting of the cement slurry in low to medium-high temperature applications.

Fluid Loss

Natural or synthetic polymer-based products, available in liquid or powder form, designed to lower the water loss of the slurry.



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