Performance, Science and Sustainability 

We are the company that stands behind high performance intermediates and products in some of the most successful brands in the world.
We are engaged to address the key issues related to sustainability and search for the solutions with a lower impact on the environment. 
Since the late 60s, driven by our customers’ needs, we have completed our product line to include specialty chemicals for Oil & Gas Drilling, Production, Well Stimulation, Tunneling, Civil Engineering, Mining and lately products for Geothermal and Renewable Energies, changing our name, in 2023, into Energy Solutions Division.
Applied and scientific expertise in various technologies and the culture of IP protection enabled us to refine our chemistry and provide tailor made products based on joint innovative cooperation with our customers. 
Our global manufacturing presence supports responsive service and reduced lead-times.
Our business partners enjoy a continuous support for their needs of innovation and cost control.