Our Sulphosuccinate Monoesters are obtained from fatty alcohol ethoxylates through the reaction with maleic anhydride in a 1:1 molar ratio (ring opening) and subsequent sulfonation with sodium sulfite (nucleophilic Michael addition to the activated double bond).

Therefore, sulfosuccinate monoesters have two anionic groups in their structure: a sulfonate and a carboxylate. 

Besides these conventional monoesters, we also have developed alkylpolyglucoside sulfosuccinates, distinctive products, where polyoxyethylene chain has been replaced by a polyglucose chain. We have highly increased the  portion of the molecular structure derived from renewable raw materials  with the result of an higher Natural  Index, according to  ISO 16128 International Standard..

Our Sulfosuccinate Diesters are obtained from fatty alcohols through the reaction with maleic anhydride in a 2:1 molar ratio (ring opening plus esterification of the second carboxylic group ) and subsequent sulfonation with sodium bisulfite (nucleophilic Michael addition to the activated double bond).

Sulfosuccinate diesters are much less water soluble than monoesters. They normally contain an additional solvent to maintain the product clarity.




Being derived from an ethoxylated intermediate, our sulfosuccinate monoesters carry both a polyoxyethylene chain and an anionic group: they can deliver a double stabilization, the steric one as well as the electrostatic one.

Their stabilizing properties are highly appreciated in the emulsion polymerization processes to prevent the possible re-agglomeration of the latex particles; in addition they enables the formation of latexes  with very low particle size. 

Another very important application, in particular for the alkylpoliglucoside derivatives, is as adjuvant for agriculture formulations.

Sulfosuccinate Diesters are characterized by an excellent wetting power and are widely used in various industrial sectors (i.e. textile, agriculture) . In particular, for the agriculture sector we propose innovative solutions with very low water content for the oil dispersion formulations: besides the conventional product in aromatic solvents, we highly recommend our more sustainable version in a natural eco-friendly solvent (vegetable triglyceride).

Sulfosuccinate diesters are widely used in the production of emulsion Polyvinyl Chloride: their main function is as viscosity depressant during the final extrusion of the PVC article.