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Natural Coating for Paper Packaging

A Sustainable Solution for the Future

Natural Coating for Paper Packaging

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When paper is the solution, it cannot become plastic again.

White Paper Abstract

Embracing the Industrial Bioeconomic Revolution
White Paper Abstract

The global packaging industry is a major contributor to micro plastic pollution. In 2020, 368 million tonnes of plastic packaging have been produced, of which only 9% has been recycled.  Efforts to reduce plastic waste are ongoing and include recycling, bans on single-use plastics (as Single-Use Plastics SUP European directive), and promoting the use of alternative materials.  

The use of coated paper to reduce plastic pollution is an innovative approach to addressing the environmental impact of traditional plastic materials and a transition from plastic packaging to paper coating is already occurring. Nevertheless, the coating of paper with polymers is necessary to make it resistant to water, oil, grease, oxygen, and other substances. However, the market is ready and willing to introduce biobased and natural based coating as alternative to the still widely used plastic coating technologies.

In this white paper we  will present how Lamberti has developed an innovative solution of this industry (Esacote BIO BC 100), 100% natural water based dispersion for paper coating using a vegetable by-product from the food industries. This new product combines outstanding barrier properties to water along with grease and oil resistance.   Being a 100% bio based dispersion of a chemically unmodified natural substance it can fulfil perfectly the most stringent environmental and technical demands of the current market.