Irreversible Spherical Shape.

Waterborne polyurethane beads

Waterborne polyurethane beads

Our Waterborne Polyurethane Beads are composed of high crosslinked and entangled polyurethane chains in an irreversible spherical shape, that results insoluble in most solvents including water.

They are inert with low residual reactants content, that brings them to low hazard profile.

Our Waterborne Polyurethane Beads are produced of controlled ‘polyurethane grade’ raw materials.

Due to high reactivity of isocyanate moieties we keep the level of impurities contents as low as possible.

That allows us to avoid any side effect and to guarantee the control of the expected chemical reaction and the desired polymeric structure. 

Proprietary Process

Proprietary Process

Our Proprietary Process is characterized by high versatility. It allows us to easily reach and adjust various technical properties of our Waterborne Polyurethane Beads, related to the performance, for instance: the average particle size and particle size distribution, the overall top surface effect, the toughness of beads, the crosslinking density, the overall chemical composition.

We accomplish our production activities with maximum attention to workers exposition, process safety and facility cleaning.

Critical raw materials are kept under strict control, and solvents use is reduced to zero.

Our Waterborne Polyurethane Beads contain no solvent or VOC, and are also microbiologically controlled.