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To help women of every class

To help women of every class

Social disparity in India is a common problem.

In rural Rajasthan, the division into social classes makes interaction difficult between women belonging to different castes, for moral and logistical reasons.

Women belonging to higher classes in fact declare that they prefer not to use the same means of transport as women of lower ones, as well as have a lower inclination to move than those who are driven by economic necessity.

However, they showed great interest in participating in our program, underlining once again the desire that women have to emancipate themselves.

She Dares aims to help women belonging to different classes, in such a way to reduce social inequality and donate entrepreneurial skills to women of the village to be able to participate to family income.

Education for independence

Education for independence

We identified women in village who are skilled in the clothing and tailoring sector who made themselves available to teach other women their skills and received financial compensation thanks to funds provided by Lamberti under the SHE DARES project and executed in collaboration with our PANS partners. In this way, people will be able to help each other, earn money and increase the level of education within the village, bringing sustainability in the project in long term.

Regarding the development of the project, due to Covid everything is proceeding a little slower. We printed posters in black and white and carried out door-to-door questionnaires to speed up circulation. In the end, thanks to the selection criteria, we created our class of 50 women.

Most of the women have declared that they want to participate because they want to find a job and financially help their family, while the minority would like to learn new skills. We have therefore created different classes to be able to teach different concepts and make women more and more independent.

The desire of these women to get involved is clear and perceptible, and it is what drives us even more in the realization of this project.

A dedicated learning place

A dedicated learning place

In order to satisfy every social request, we identified the Rajasthan primary school as the perfect place of education because higher castes’ women can come without taking the means of transportations and it is not too far for women belonging to lower castes. The primary school is a meeting point in which women are not categorized for their social status, but on the contrary, they are all considered as women with equal potential who are offered equal opportunities for education and independence.

Renovation work on the elementary school has started and aroused great curiosity in the villagers. Those who know the project are excited, while those who do not know it ask for information.

PANS is hoping to open centre and commence training in July, subject to permission by the government of Rajasthan.