She Dares, the Covid impact 

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Psychological Covid-19 consequence

Psychological Covid-19 consequence

During the months of May and June of 2021, Rajasthan was one of the regions most affected by Covid-19. Due to the numerous positive cases and the high mortality rate, the government has imposed 15 days of total lockdown, closing shops, companies, schools, educational institutions and training centres. This closure creates several consequences, mainly psychological and social.

In the village, there is a widespread feeling of fear, which creates a further slowdown in the vaccination campaign. People, frightened by the well-known negative rumors that the vaccine can lead to positive cases or serious negative consequences, are not inclined to be vaccinated.

We have taken advantage of these closing days for raising awareness among the inhabitants of Rajasthan on the usefulness of the vaccine. We all vaccinated ourselves as a proof of well-being, hoping to be able to restart our program from 1 July, when even people under the age of 45 will be able to get vaccinated.

Education plays a fundamental role

Education plays a fundamental role

Consequently, the pandemic also causes problems for our educational program.

Because of the printing and paint factories blocks, we made black and white flyers that we distributed house by house to speed up the selection process.

Memberships and intentions to partecipate have increased, because women have more need to help their families financially, learning a job faster. Husbands and family members are now supporting and just seeking assurance that some job work will be provided to these women.

For this reason, we have decided to slightly modify the structure of our program: education and training will go hand in hand, this is because education has a fundamental role, but the need to help women to learn new tasks is urgent to lighten the financial problems caused by Covid.