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A journey towards a sustainable consumption of energy.

By Fabio Viola, Group Technical Manager

We give wings to sustainable energy

Lamberti took the route towards a sustainable production of the energy needed for its processes, more than ten years ago.

In 2010 a cogeneration plant started supplying electricity and steam to Albizzate production plant: the turbine is exactly the same installed on the famous airplane C 130 Hercules.

We give wings to sustainability eneregy: we decided to take this path two years before the European Union's Cogeneration Directive 2004/08/EC incorporated cogeneration into its energy policy.


Before that moment Albizzate used to buy separately electricity and natural gas from the national suppliers (ENEL and SNAM). 
Two different energy carriers using two different distribution lines.

Starting using cogeneration, the combined use of electrical energy and heat generated from a single energy source ensured a more sustainable profile of the production activities.

Morever in this way energy is produced directly where needed, making the transmission and distribution losses negligible.

The characteristics of Albizzate production processes allow a balanced use of both electricity and steam and as a result the 3,7 eMW (e= electricity) and the 13,3 tMW (t=thermal) from cogeneration lead to an overall efficiency higher than 80%, 30% - 40% more when compared against the supply of electricity and heat from conventional power stations and boilers.

This high efficiency qualify for economic incentives from GSE, the Company identified by the Italian State to pursue and achieve environmental sustainability, about 3.000 TEE (title/stock of energy efficiency) every year.
One TEE for one TPE (ton of equivalent crude oil) avoided compared against the average efficiency of the electrical power stations at national level.

The cogeneration is our way towards a responsible and sustainable energy consumption. It shows our vision of industry: a place where production respects the planet's resources.
This journey, which started from the historical plant of Albizzate has reached other plants, adapting to the different industrial needs.