Lamberti Transforma – The Reason Why 

Supporting women for social entrepreneurship and for local communities development

  • Patrick Balletto, Samuel Aleman, Leonardo Valentinis
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Sustainability is a conscious choice.

The Chemical industry should play a decisive role to advance Sustainability globally.

Social sustainability aims to have a positive impact on people’s life.

We decided to focus on micro-entrepreneur women whose lives and businesses have been negatively impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

This project takes place in our local community of Nova Odessa, location of Lamberti Brasil, our first international affiliate founded 40 years ago.  We have partnered with local NGO, Aventura de Construir, to “make the world a better place to live”.

Watch the video interviews to Patrick Balletto,  General Manager, Samuel Aleman, our  Director of Sustainability, Leonardo Valentinis, Lamberti Brasil General Manager to go deeply through the reason’s Why.

Planet and chemistry a different view on sustainability.
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Our commitments on social sustainability
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Brasilian Landscape: the frame of our project.
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