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Responsible Care® an ethical framework towards sustainable development

We improve the environmental, health, safety and security knowledge and performance to avoid harm to people and the environment.

By Maurizio Colombo, Institutional & Regulatory Affairs Manager

We belive and follow the principles of Responsible Care®

Responsible Care® is the global chemical industry’s voluntary initiative, which – beyond legislative and regulatory compliance – commits companies, national chemical industry associations and their partners to:

Continuously improve the environmental, health, safety and security knowledge and performance of our technologies, processes and products over their life cycles so as to avoid harm to people and the environment.

  • Use resources efficiently and minimize waste.
  • Report openly on performance, achievements and shortcomings.
  • Listen, engage and work with people to understand and address their concerns and expectations.
  • Cooperate with governments and organizations in the development and implementation of effective regulations and standards, and to meet or go beyond them.
  • Provide help and advice to foster the responsible management of chemicals by all those who manage and use them along the product chain.

Launched in 1985, Responsible Care® was first established by the Canadian Chemical Producers’ Association in 1986 in response to public concerns about health, safety and environmental issues and soon gained acceptance internationally  and then the .activity has since extended beyond chemicals manufacturing to other activities, especially those associated with the safe use and handling of products along the value chain.

Lamberti  joined the Responsible Care® program in February 1999. 

We decided to join the Responsible Care® program to have a consolidated system to improve our health, safety and environmental performance, involving our staff in specific training, measuring our HSE indices year by year, promoting our code of ethics, adopting technologies and safer processes.

Last but not least, we communicate our efforts to operate following the principles of Responsible Care® to our people and communities, recognizing that the health and safety of workers and the protection of the environment remain our top priorities.

Since 2015, we have been signatories of Responsible Care® Global Charter, the global chemical industry’s unique initiative to improve health, environmental performance and security.

By subscribing to the Responsible Care® GlobalCharter, we commit ourselves to undertake several activities that aim to use resources more efficiently as well as improve the  environmental, health and safety performance of our product and production processes.

We are committed to implement and respect Responsible Care® standards and extend them to all our subsidiaries worldwide

Responsible Care® Management Framework

In 2019, Cefic (European Chemical Industry Council) .renewed its Responsible Care® management framework for Europe.

The Responsible Care® management framework is a guidebook explaining the concepts and overall approach.

This is accompanied by a Responsible Care® Self-Assessment Webtool, a multiple-choice questionnaire available in 18 languages, that address the sustainability through six main areas:

  • Corporate Leadership Culture that proactively supports safe chemicals management through the global Responsible Care® initiative
  • Safeguarding People and the Environment by continuously improving our environmental, health and safety performance; the security of our facilities, processes and technologies; and by driving continuous improvement in chemical product safety and stewardship throughout the supply chain
  • Strengthening Chemicals Management Systems by participating in the development and implementation of lifecycle-oriented, sound-science and risk-based chemical safety legislation and best practices
  • Influencing Business Partners to promote the safe management of chemicals within their own operations
  • Engaging Stakeholders,understanding and responding to their concerns and expectations for safer operations and products and communicating openly on our performance and products
  • Contributing to Sustainability through improved performance, expanded economic opportunities and the development of innovative technologies and other solutions to societal challenges

Future Challenges

Responsible Care® can represent a valid tool for the future also taking in account the  new Chemical Strategy for Sustainability where Developing a new EU ‘Safe-and-Sustainable-by-Design’ standard and increasing funding for new predictive toxicology tools would accelerate development of innovative and safer alternatives to hazardous substances according to the principle of EU Green Deal