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Official Launch of She Dares

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Inauguration Ceremony of She Dares

Inauguration Ceremony of She Dares

Incepted with the spirit of supporting the most crucial community of the country – the Farmer community – while also improving the social status of women in the community,
She Dares is a project aligned to the ethos of Lamberti and hence very close to the organisation.

The mere thought of being able to make a difference in the lives of women by empowering them thrilled the team.
As a result of which, in a few months’ time of the inception of the project, the passionate team of Lamberti India, led by the Country Head – Mr Mahendra Tripathi - designed the program, meeting the spirit and intent just right.

On 18th July 2021, the Ramsar Palawala village near Jaipur city in the State of Rajasthan – the largest State in India - witnessed the smiling faces and hopeful eyes of beneficiary women at the Inauguration Ceremony of the project.

The event was graced by the presence of Hon’ble Secretary of the village’s local government, the leader in the village, erstwhile ruler of the village, Chief Police Inspector of the region amongst the other dignitaries of the village, the President of execution partner – PANS – the not-for-profit organisation and the Country Head of Lamberti India. 

The inauguration ceremony was in itself a glimpse of the spirit of She Dares program and was a small step towards empowering women and improving their quality of life.

For the first time ever, an event in the village had women heading the event… women seated in the front rows and thoroughly enjoying the occasion was the highlight of the evening. 

The event was organised & handled with all the necessary COVID precautions to keep it safe and also sensitise the people of the situation. Some of the activities that were practice to ensure adherence to Covid guidelines:

  • Mask distribution at the entrance of the event
  • Installation of Contact-less temperature measuring device at the enterance
  • Proper seating arrangement following guidelines with regards to social distancing  
  • Entry by invite only

The project

The project

She Dares will offer tailor-made vocational training opportunities and will also enhance the local opportunities for holistic development of women of all walks of life belonging to Farmer community in Rajasthan.

The complete project is designed to have 4 phases, each phase to be completed in the duration of 3 months, covering formal education, vocational training and post training support for establishment of businesses in the village for 50 selected women of Ramsar Palawala.

The true success of the program will be observed when the society becomes more inclusive… when role of women in the family is more than just doing household chores… when a farmer’s family starts to flourish… when their children don’t grow up before they should, and when they do… they become the change-makers.