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Interview with Lucas Faustino, AdC's project development consultant

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Tell us a little about yourself Lucas:

My name is Lucas Faustino,  28 years old. I was born and raised on the outskirts of Sorocaba – São Paulo.
I majored in science and humanities at UFABC (Federal University of ABC) in São Bernardo do Campo  and  now I study public policies. 
I joined some groups on social networks and it is then that I discovered AdC which offered me the opportunity to work in a context that has a social impact and generates a transformation in the lives of other individuals.

What projects are you currently working on in AdC?  

I am currently working on the “Lamberti Transforma II” project, in partnership with Lamberti Group.
This is the second edition and it brings more intense training, with more hours of lessons and advice, which makes a very big and positive difference.
The project is aimed at adult who has a business or is looking to start a business in the region of Nova Odessa - São Paulo where Lamberti Brazil is located. It develops in three phases:

  •  The first is training on technical content, such as: what it means to be an entrepreneur, pricing, cash flow, marketing and all the necessary issues for a company.
  • The second is the consultancy in which we work side by side with the entrepreneur on any doubts or difficulties regarding the issues of the company.  
  • The last is prototyping, the time to “get your hands dirty” and think about building something feasible, which can be put into practice.

How do you see the performance of the project with entrepreneurs?

First of all, to understand, we must  analyze the reality of Brazil.
We have an extreme increase in poverty,  with a high unemployment rate.
Many of the people who become entrepreneurs come from this cycle, as they have no source of income and look for other alternatives to maintain themselves.

But entrepreneurship is difficult, 

Our role is to enhance and support the entrepreneurs, to show that they are the protagonists of their own life and to provide guidance on technical issues to assist them in their efforts.

Our work to accompany them is important, when we walk together, they feel stronger.

What transformation do you see?

The first transformation lies in the appreciation that the person gives to what he does, finding his means of subsistence in that activity 
A second point is that they understand that being entrepreneur is not just the production of materials but the  financial, administrative, advertising organization and so on. 

All this strengthens my desire to work in the third sector.

Sure, we need to maintain professionalism, but we connect with people and learn to see each other in a more humanized way.