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Chemists for the future

Lamberti promotes Chemistry in local schools

We want to promote the diffusion of scientific disciplines among the students of our territories and we are visiting  schools and hosting classes in our plants for short visits, giving students the opportunity to experience life in a chemical company. 
As part of these initiatives, we have set up a cycle of classroom lessons with the second year classes of the lower secondary school of the Istituto Dante in Gallarate.


Experiments in Gallarate

Each class has been divided into groups to make some experiments and see in practice some basic concepts of Chemistry. Cristina Demarchi, Albizzate QC manager, has lead the groups to test  the difference between soluble and unsoluble salts of Aluminum, to experiment the behavior of Aluminium stearate when in contact with water and how the addition of a surfactants gives rise to an emulsion,  that can be delivered on a surface to make it repellent to water.

By dissolving  Carboxymethyl cellulose in water the students have experimented the concept of viscosity and rheology modificatio .  They have added food grade dyes to their solutionse that once  crosslinked have been transformed in colorful pearls and  jelly slimes to play with. 

The teachers

For 5 mornings we have been present in the school to make experiments with the students.  The cycled involved 7 classes and more than 140 students (age 11-12)  and their science teachers. 

Istituto Comprensivo Dante in Gallarate has an equipped  laboratory where we could conduct some experiments.

We have asked the teachers  what does this inititive represent for them. 

The students

We have also asked to some students a comment of the day. 
That's their answer.

Maybe we are preparing some future Chemists.

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