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Lamberti Acelera: updates and next steps

The Lamberti Acelera project is part of a series of three projects that show Lamberti's commitment to SDG 5 - Gender Equality, not only in Brazil but also in projects in India called “She Dares” and “We Dare”, which seek to empower women in the state of Rajasthan.

It is crucial to drive innovation, create jobs and promote economic growth, and we believe that through the Lamberti Acelera program, we will give a concrete contribution to achieve these objectives creating a better and stronger community.
For this edition of the Lamberti Acelera there was the need for a participation limit, which implies deciding which businesses will be involved.
The project selected 10 businesses led by women, following these three tactics:

  • Definition of criteria to identify what businesses could grow so more sustainable as well as rank them;
  • Individual contacts via message exchange messages and links with the first ranked to explain the project proposal;
  • Online meeting with everyone who joined the project to clarify the last doubts and present the projected differential. 

The ranking for the selection considered the following criteria: buying conditions for new equipment, carrying out renovations, hiring people, selling to new territories, and exporting. 

The acceleration track

The acceleration track

One of the biggest challenges was to track the paths and contents to work in. The activities were more dynamic, performing business simulation rounds, and pitch presentations. The most relevant points of the methodology used were working on new ways of learning and practicing content, such as:

  • Solution wheels,
  • Workshops,
  • Simulations;
  • Create mechanisms to strengthen the protagonism and responsibility of participants;
  • Strengthen each one's bond with others by sharing experiences;
  • Link all content with practical day-to-day activities

The Acceleration Trail presented 26 weeks of training and advisories, divided into 18 training sessions and several individual advisory services!
One of the most positive experiences of this first semester of Lamberti Acelera was the Wheels of Solution. This method worked as follows: some entrepreneurs presented questions or difficulties, and the rest of the class sought to put their experiences into solving the problem, while the AdC team acted as a mediator.

A turning point within the project was about Export. One of our goals is to create conditions for entrepreneurs to export their products. Face-to-face moments provide a rich environment for entrepreneurs,  strengthening the bond and trust between the beneficiaries and the team, enabling an exchange of experiences and enriching knowledge. The communication presence allows a more complete understanding of the needs and expectations of entrepreneurs.
From July to August the group will embark on a unique journey: writing a Business Plan. 
Writing a business plan requires a balance between creativity and objectivity, the ability to communicate ideas and convince potential investors of the viability of the venture. It is a task that demands dedication, patience, and organizational skills to turn ideas into a detailed strategic plan.