• lamberti transforma

The power of multipliers

The spread of best practices within a healthy community

After two editions of the Lamberti Transforma project, in 2023 appeared with a new face: “Lamberti Acelera”. The project bets on the practice of acceleration induced by the testimony of the entrepreneurs who have attended the initial projects and successfully opened their own companies.
Vagner Pinheiro, a cutler from Nova Odessa, entered the acceleration process since his commitment, assiduity, and enthusiasm made him a multiplier within the community. “When in our lives something makes sense, it is common to want to share so many feelings and opportunities”
Vagner made himself available to people who demonstrated interest in Lamberti Transforma. With the support of the AdC team, he shared his experiences and improvements in his process as an entrepreneur. And it was through this close contact that Luciana Padella and Maria Rocha, members of the Filhos do Céu organization, chose to enter the Acelera process. The association Filhos do Ceu is a catholic social community in Nova Odessa which sells books and religious items

Relationships that hold over time

Luciana and Maria followed the same training path as Vagner in Aventura de Construir. They had a consultancy to build a system to monitor and evaluate the organization's performance. Every six months, they monitor results, focusing on their goals and objectives achievements.
Throughout 2022, Luciana and Maria concluded the Lamberti Transforma project and participated in two advisory services for data collection, receiving analyses from Associação Filhos do Ceu.
The success of penetrating the diverse reality of Nova Odessa through the Lamberti Transforma project heavily relies on people like Vagner, Luciana, and Maria, who are determined to guarantee their network of people a plan for empowering themselves and their activities.
The spread of best practices and the empowerment of the community pushes us to keep promoting, thanks to the collaboration of AdC, the exploitation of this project in Brazil.