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We Dare: building a better future

Christian Somigliana's experience

By Christian Somigliana, Tommaso Inzaghi

During his recent business trip to India, Christian Somigliana - Personal Care Director, visited,  together with Mahendra Triphati - Lamberti India General Manager,  Ramsar Palawala, the rural village in Rajasthan, where our She Dares and We Dare projects take place.

Both initiatives work toward the welfare of families within the village, supporting the local economy. Our journey started in 2021 with She Dares, a program aimed to empower women, helping them provide additional income to their families. Earlier this year, the project evolved, including the whole community with We Dare.

In the past years, a reasonable number of men have discontinued farming, mainly because of the insecure income derived from it due to poor agricultural practices. They preferred to travel to bigger towns, looking for jobs on a daily basis. Now, thanks also to the stable income provided by women through She Dares activities, men can go back to cultivating guar crops close to home. Moreover, We Dare encourages farmers' good practices, helping families earn enough to lead a wholesome and quality life.

Christian was able to appreciate the tangible impact of these initiatives on local families. 
“While in the village, you immediately recognise the effects on the local community. Cultural growth and women’s empowerment, independence, and consciousness truly stand out. You can see the emancipation process through women’s eyes.”, said Christian. 

Great credit also goes to the NGO operators that follow the projects. Christian was pleased to see how they were really involved, carrying out their activities with great passion.

During his visit to Ramsar Palawala, Christian was welcomed by a traditional local ceremony, as you can see in the gallery above.

"Each culture has its unique traditions. Taking part in such ceremonies can be a very enriching experience; people of the village really helped to understand their culture" 

These experiences can contribute to greater intercultural understanding, helping to establish positive personal and professional relationships. It is important to be open and respectful of the cultural practices of others, even if they may seem different or initially unfamiliar. 

WeDare operation adhere to Lamberti Personal Care's RespectfulBeauty approach, through its main pillars RespectPeople, RespectPromises, and RespectResources.

This project is a real demonstration of Lamberti's commitment to the community in which it operates." - concluded Christian declaring himself proud to be part of an organisation that works for cultural change and people empowerment.