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We Dare

A Journey of Resilience and Hope

By Mr. Jitendra Pratap Singh, CEO, People's Awareness Network Society and Mr. Mahendra Tripathi, Executive Director, Lamberti India

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In 2021, the People's Awareness Network Society (PANS) launched the "She Dare" project with the generous support of Lamberti India.
This initiative aimed to empower women in rural communities by providing alternative livelihood opportunities and technical support for farming.
Building on the success of this project, we extended our mission with "We Dare" in 2023, focusing on reintroducing guar farming in Ramsar Palawala.

The Journey of We Dare

The Journey of We Dare

We Dare 1.0: A New Beginning

In the first phase, We Dare 1.0, we selected 10 farmers from Ramsar Palawala to reintroduce guar farming. This project not only aimed to revive an important crop but also to enhance the economic stability of farmer families through sustainable agriculture practices. The success of this initial phase was evident, as it sparked interest and hope within the community.

We Dare 2.0: Expanding the Horizon

In 2024, We Dare 2.0 sought to extend our impact by including 20 more farmers. The response was overwhelming, with 50 applications pouring in for just 20 spots. To ensure a fair and transparent selection process, we conducted a lucky draw. A committee comprising three senior farmers, a local village leader, and Mr. Mahendra Tripathi oversaw this process, reinforcing the community's trust in the project.

A Testament to Resilience and Community Spirit

I am thrilled to witness the farmers' enthusiasm and the community's positive reception of our efforts. Meeting the farmers and seeing their gratitude firsthand was profoundly moving.

Mahendra Tripathi, Executive Director, Lamberti India

A Community Partner's Perspective

At Lamberti, we believe in empowering farmers with access to technology and encouraging them to leverage their extensive traditional knowledge.

This combination has yielded remarkable results.

Our partner, PANS, has played an instrumental role in engaging the community and ensuring the project's successful implementation down to the last detail.

I am overwhelmed by the project's growing credibility and the increasing number of farmers eager to participate. 

Jitendra Pratap Singh - PANS CEO

Reflecting on Progress

Farmers from nearby villages have begun inquiring about guar farming and are already taking steps to adopt these practices.

The women involved in the project are now self-reliant, contributing significantly to their families' financial decisions, education, and health.

They are more aware of their potential, dreams, and emotions.

It is truly a blessing to be part of such a transformative journey.

A Day to Remember: The Lottery Draw

The lottery day was a remarkable event, with over 50 farmers gathering to witness the draw and share their experiences. The enthusiasm and unity displayed by the community were heartwarming and inspiring. This video captures the essence of that day, highlighting the farmers' excitement and the transparent process that ensured fairness.

A Testament to the Resilience and Spirit of the Farmers

The journey of 'We Dare' is a testament to the resilience and spirit of the farmers of Ramsar Palawala.

With the continued support of Lamberti India and the dedicated efforts of PANS, we are confident that this project will bring lasting change and prosperity to the community.

We look forward to expanding our reach and empowering more farmers and their families in the years to come.

Together, we dare to dream, to innovate, and to empower.
Join us in celebrating the spirit of resilience and hope that defines the farmers of Ramsar Palawala.
We are immensely grateful for the support and trust of our community partners, and we remain committed to our mission of empowering farmer families through sustainable agricultural practices and alternative livelihood opportunities. 

Mahendra Tripathi and Jitendra Pratap Singh