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Inspiring the Alpha Generation with Chemistry

A Day as a Chemist in Lamberti - 2024

 From May 13 to 22, we hosted the 8th edition of “Un giorno da Chimico” in collaboration with Albizzate Municipality and local schools. 
128 enthusiastic students from Albizzate and Valdarno primary and secondary schools joined us in our labs to explore Materials, Energy, and the Environment through hands-on experiments.  



The 4th-grade students attended an exciting lesson focused on Matter.

They navigated through the concepts of atoms, molecules, mixtures, polymers, water, and air.

The young researchers, donned in lab coats and goggles, then moved to the laboratory to explore capillarity, pseudoplastic rheology, and miscibility through practical experiments



The 5th graders concentrated on Energy, understood as the capacity to perform work.

They explored its various forms and transformations, emphasizing energy efficiency and sources. The discussion included the relationship between climate and energy, introducing sustainability and the UN's agenda for sustainable development.

A visit to the  Corporate Analysis Laboratory allowed the students to observe leaves and insects under an electron microscope, unveiling a previously unseen world.
In another laboratory session, they worked with natural polymers to create colorful printing paste, which they used to print vibrant images on canvas.



The 1st class of middle schoolers focused on environmental topics, particularly the plastic fate.
They learned about the historical evolution of plastics and their environmental impacts.

Concepts of

  • biodegradability,
  • recycling practices, and
  • waste separation

were introduced, highlighting the evolving industry. 

In the laboratory, they experienced digital printing firsthand, creating personalized t-shirts to take home.

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